Valmet/Valtra has introduced countless innovations that later became industry requirements.

Valtra N133 HiTech5 is equipped with woodland crane, steel gas tank, narrow mudguards, move-ply wooded area tyres and woodland cab with TwinTrac reverse force manage.
One of the common aspects of Valmet/Valtra tractors from the Nineteen Forties to the present has been their suitability for wooded area work. In the Nordic region tractors have most often been used for farming in the summer and wooded area work in the winter. From the Sixties to the 2000s, Valmet/Valtra tractors featured steel fuel tanks within the subframe, the place they are included from rocks, tree stumps and branches. Within the most recent Valtra units the fuel tank is now not centered throughout the subframe, but wooded area security is on hand.[24]

different woodland necessities include a high floor clearance, a forest cab, the TwinTrac reverse-drive method, slim mudguards, protected tyre valves and factory-fitted wooded area tyres. With TwinTrac, the seat, together with the armrest located controls can be turned by way of a hundred and eighty degrees to satisfy a 2d set of foot pedals and a smaller steering wheel positioned on the rear of the cab. This enables the operator to drive the tractor backwards and use rear hooked up implements more successfully. Handiest Fendt has furnished a identical wholly integrated reverse-force procedure, at the same time in different manufacturers such devices had been put up-manufacture, third occasion additions. Valtra is the only tractor company in the world that offers a manufacturing facility-geared up reverse-power procedure, which is best now not just for forest work, but additionally for mowing and municipal preservation duties.[25][26]
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