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Ford Stuck mud

Hard mud and Ford Tractor.

Henry Ford experimented with each auto-plows and heavier tractors. In August 1915, at a plowing demonstration in Fremont, Nebraska, he introduced a newly designed tractor often called the mannequin B.[5] It used a sixteen horsepower, two-cylinder, horizontally antagonistic engine, a spur equipment transmission and three wheels - two entrance drivers and one rear steerer.[3] The mannequin B used to be by no means produced, but did obtain ample publicity to let the world understand Ford was occupied with setting up a tractor.[3]

understanding there was once demand for a Ford-constructed tractor, a gaggle of entrepreneurs in Minneapolis geared up The Ford Tractor enterprise,[3] paying a enterprise clerk surnamed Ford for the use of his name, with the intention of getting earnings and awareness from the confusion of this Ford with Ford Motor organization. The enterprise built and sold some tractors, however expected a settlement with Henry Ford for permission to make use of their already-trademarked title.[7] nevertheless, Ford thwarted them by using a different name.
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