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Deutz 160Ps vs Valtra 200 Ps

N163 Direct called "pink Cat" used to be developed in limitless Studio for Finnish younger Farmers institution.
Customized-constructed tractors
due to the fact that the early Nineties Valtra has had a tradition of enabling the customer to tailor the tractor to special wishes and wants, in latest years called 'a la carte'. Valtra has been the one tractor manufacturer on the earth to manufacture tractors on the basis of man or woman purchaser orders handiest. Several options were on hand relating for illustration the tractors color, transmission variety and velocity, hydraulics, PTO and suspension. The Suolahti manufacturing facility does no longer make a single tractor without an order from an importer, supplier or purchaser. Valtra offers a vast range of options and elements, permitting purchasers to specify their tractors in line with their possess special needs.[34]

In 2013 the unlimited Studio was once offered to serve the customer additional in this regard, permitting the addition to the tractor of "something inside purpose" as a ultimate step within the meeting system. The unlimited Studio enables tractors to be fitted with options that will or else now not be possible or viable on the ordinary meeting line. The one thousandth unlimited tractor was once handed over in autumn 2015. The limitless Studio has customised 106 N163 Direct tractors for the Finnish Defence Forces, as good because the pink Cat campaign tractor for the younger Farmers of Finland.[35]

Fourth new release N and T sequence tractors won a few worldwide tractor and design awards in 2015 and 2016 together with computer of the 12 months,[36] Golden Tractor for Design,[37] A Design Award and red Dot design award.[38]

Market position

Valtra Valmet 6400
Valmet/Valtra has been essentially the most trendy tractor company in Finland due to the fact the early 1970s and essentially the most fashionable tractor manufacturer in Scandinavia on account that it took over Volvo BM's tractor operations within the early Nineteen Eighties. In Brazil and South the united states, Valmet/Valtra has been the 2nd or 0.33 most fashionable tractor manufacturer relying on the year.[39]

In western markets, Valtra has been the fourth or fifth most wellknown tractor manufacturer relying on the 12 months. Valtra tractors are currently offered in around 75 countries around the world.[40]


Valtra A series tractor
Valtra tractor models being manufactured in 2015:

A series[41]

A53 (50 hp /196 Nm)
A63 (sixty eight hp / 285 Nm)
A73 (seventy eight hp / 310 Nm)
A83 HiTech (88 hp / 325 Nm)
A93 Hitech (a hundred and one hp / 370 Nm)

Fourth new release four-cylinder Valtra N sequence tractor
N series[42]

N104 HiTech (one zero five hp / 470 Nm)
N114e HiTech (one hundred fifteen hp / 500 Nm)
N124 HiTech (a hundred twenty five hp / 550 Nm)
N134 HiTech, energetic, Versu, Direct (one hundred forty five hp / 600 Nm)
N154 HiTech, active, Versu, Direct (one hundred sixty five hp / 720 Nm)
N174 HiTech, active, Versu, Direct (185 hp / 730 Nm)

Valtra fourth generation six-cylinder T sequence tractor
T series[43]

T144 HiTech, lively, Versu, Direct (170 hp / 680 Nm)
T154 HiTech, active, Versu, Direct (one hundred eighty hp / 740 Nm)
T174e HiTech, active, Versu, Direct (190 hp / 900 Nm)
T194 HiTech, energetic, Versu, Direct (210 hp / 870 Nm)
T214 HiTech, active, Versu, Direct (230 hp / 910 Nm)
T234 HiTech, lively, Versu (250 hp / one thousand Nm)

Valtra S sequence tractor with as much as four hundred horsepower
S series[44]

S274 (300 hp / 1300 Nm)
S294 (325 hp / 1390 Nm)
S324 (350 hp / 1500 Nm)
S354 (380 hp / 1590 Nm)
S374 (four hundred hp / 1600 Nm)
yet another set of units are produced in Brazil:

Valtra BL (sixty five-95 hp)
Valtra BM (one hundred-a hundred twenty five hp)
Valtra BH (a hundred forty five-205 hp)
Valtra BT (150-210 hp) with bigger end technological know-how compared to BH line
Valtra BC (Harvesters)
Valtra BS (Sprayers)
A distinct sequence made in Argentina considering the fact that 2014

Valtra AR (one hundred forty-210 cv) [45]
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